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About Ann

I love reading about and experiencing history. My mother's family always talked about my grandfather, great aunt, and famous great uncle who died in one of the first aeroplane crashes. They left rural Ohio, heading west in 1909. As I started investigating them, I found that they had the potential for very interesting stories. 

My first book, Yours in a Hurry, is a about strong women and men who embrace change ahead of their time. At the beginning of the last century, everything was changing so fast –and everyone was in such a hurry! 

You'll read historical situations, cultural changes in America and abroad at the time of the story (1908-12), some of which our characters experience, and meet actual characters from the period as well as others created along the way.

I was born in Marion, Ohio but grew up in Akron. A Ph.D. in organization development provides me with experience in the behavioral sciences and a desire to write about people. An undergraduate degree in English and history influences my desire to write, especially about history. I've published in academic and professional journals. Interests in addition to writing include community volunteerism, reading, exercise, history, films, and travel. I married my high school sweetheart and have two grown children, and two grand-Corgis.