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Living History in Air

Writing about my great uncle, Addison Hartle in Yours in a Hurry made me wonder what it would be like to sit in the same biplane he built and flew in 1911—and I actually did! As I've said before, researching for historical fiction is the best part of the genre!

Rhinebeck Aerodrome  Museum   …

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Classic Indianapolis

Last week's Yours in a Hurry blog was about the history of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This week I had the opportunity to see the 2nd annual vintage race sponsored by the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA).  My spouse is very knowledgeable about automobiles and we look for opportunitie…

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The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Opens

In July of 1909 Addison writes Purl that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will open soon. It actually officially opened with a balloon race on June 5, 1909, but Addison was waiting for the motorcycle and automobile races to be held on Aug. 14 and Aug. 19 respectively. Today, with an average crowd of …

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Pearl Harbor and Corregidor Before WWI

We know about the World War II battles at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and Corregidor in the Philippines, but what were those islands like prior to that era?  When did the U.S. acquire them, and how did they become military fortifications?

The Philippines

The first stop for Yours in a Hurry character…

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Finding the Hartle Roots

In April I had the pleasure of attending the annual meeting of the Rootstown Ohio Historical Society to discuss the Hartles and how one of their Rootstown descendents became famous. The Congregational Church (see photo to the right) was a fitting venue given that on August 16, 1810, two of my ancest…

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The Title: Yours in a Hurry

Why the title Yours in a Hurry?

The characters in the novel write a lot of letters, and Addison often signs his “Yours in a Hurry.”  His family even noticed a change from his formerly neat handwriting to a scrawl across the paper.  Like many in the Progressive Era, he was always in a hurry to emb…

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Writing Fiction vs. Nonfiction

I've gotten questions about writing historical fiction vs. non-fiction. What's the difference, and are there any rules? I turned to Deanna Adams for answers. Writers need trusted advisors and for many in Northeast Ohio, Deanna, published author, mentor and coordinator of writer's workshops is that p…

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Lady Overland

Here's a quiz: Who was the first American woman to fly solo? Addison Hartle was so taken with the spirited Blanche Stuart Scott when he met her at an air exhibition that he enticed his sister, Anna to Indianapolis to meet her. 

Blanche was born in Rochester, New York, probably in 1885. Her state…

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What They Were Reading in 1910

April 23 is World Book Night.  It wasn't being celebrated in 1910 when much of Yours in a Hurry takes place, but it made me think about what the characters were reading. Knowing their interests, I can guess.

Jack London

The realism in London's writing has caught on with today's readers. N…

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Hollywood's Tenacious Founder

Have you ever walked down Hollywood Boulevard, tourist bustle and cacophony surrounding you? Did you wonder what the street looked like one hundred years ago? You probably didn't know that the cofounder and heart of Hollywood was a woman, who is responsible for the first sidewalk in the city in fron…

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A Disappointing Disaster

On April 15, 1912, the world opened newspapers to one of the greatest human tragedies when over 1,500 'souls' perished aboard the invincible Titanic. Three women awoke in France that day, expecting one of them to be an international front page sensation.

Can you imagine being Harriet Quimby, firs…

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Ahead of Her Time

In 1909 it's unusual for a smart, single woman from an established family to decide on her own to leave her small village and cross the country to start a new life. Anna Hartle has nurtured her siblings since their parent's unexpected death. But her fortitude is tested after leaving Ohio for Califor…

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