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Yours In A Hurry
Yours in a Hurry, Ann Kathleen Otto, historical fictionMy debut novel, a historical fiction based on fact, is set in the early 20th century.  Life changes for the Hartle siblings when their prosperous parents die suddenly in 1901. Now it's 1908 and the three oldest—Anna, Addison and Purl—have come of age and use their generous inheritance to leave their small Ohio village. 

The siblings encounter many challenges and are caught up in the new American culture of the 1910’s. Fact blends with fiction as they encounter historical events and characters from Hollywood to Europe and the Pacific Rim, including famous film stars, aviators, and American heroes. The siblings sometimes visit Ohio, but not for long. As Addison often expresses at the end of his letters, they are "Yours in a hurry."  


Little Diamonds
My current novel in progress takes place in the Little Cities of the Black Diamonds in Southeast Ohio Appalachia. It's a period of adjustment as men return from The Great War, the rich seek ways to ensure their wealth, and life grows more uncertain each year. Young Rose, Dewey and their son Tommy are in the center of shifting Kyne family relationships, struggling to navigate through
the consequences of the war's end, an unplanned pregnancy, job loss, and union troubles. Mistakes are made for the sake of getting ahead in the fast-paced 1920's, as the bustling economy begins to decline.

World War 2 Memorial Tour of Europe

We took a fall trip following my father-in-laws path across Europe during the war, starting at Omaha Beach on D-Day. Follow the blogs on this site for insights on that period of history in France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

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