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Reflections on San Antonio

In our story, Anna Hartle goes to San Antonio with the owner of the real estate agency, Joseph Cowell, to visit a successful developer and get some ideas about marketing property in larger developments. It turns out to be a job interview for Anna who is ready for a change. She isn't sure she'll like…

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Other Early Automakers

In the United States, Henry Ford received more publicity than most of the other auto manufacturers in the early 1900's. But he wasn't alone.  Characters in Yours in a Hurry ,which takes place from 1908 to 1912, have experiences with other early automobiles.


It's said that Ettore Buga…

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The Hollywood Mystique

It's said that interesting places are actually characters in a story, and such is the case with Hollywood. Much of the satisfaction in writing a historical novel is getting to know the locations and what they were like at the time. Parts of Yours in a Hurry take place in Hollywood, and I was lucky …

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Ahead of Her Time

In 1909 it's unusual for a smart, single woman from an established family to decide on her own to leave her small village and cross the country to start a new life. Anna Hartle has nurtured her siblings since their parent's unexpected death. But her fortitude is tested after leaving Ohio for Califor…

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Introducing Yours in a Hurry

 I love history—always have. As a daydreamer like my mother, books and films entice me.  My work involves people, how we work, learn and behave with each other—or not.  Behavioral science is fertile ground for a writer.

I inherited great aunt Letta's "box", a life's work that substituted f…

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