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Historical Transitions

When you're writing a novel about a period of rapid change, it's sometimes hard to tell if you're using the right terminology. That's the case for Yours in a Hurry which takes place between 1908 and 1912. Here are some examples of choices that had to be made.

"Addison stood in line outside of …

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When Miss Katherine Stinson Flew

While reading materials for an earlier blog on Frank Terrill I noticed female pioneer aviator who came after Harriet Quimby, Katherine Stinson.

The Flying Schoolgirl

Katherine was born in a small town in rural Alabama in 1891. When she became the fourth woman in the United States to obtain her…

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Reading Rooftops

Here’s a trivia question: Why did people read rooftops in the early 1900's?

I  recently asked some of my readers for stories relating to Yours in a Hurry. Shirley Riemenschneider of the Rootstown Ohio History Society replied that she recently came upon a story about New Milford, now an unincorp…

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Vintage Lindbergh at Rhinebeck

A Spirited Gala

What a great event! The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in tiny Red Hook, New York near the Hyde Park area served as a resource for the 1908-1912 aeroplanes mentioned in Yours in a Hurry. They have many famous models, and most still fly. When we saw that this year's gala would celebrate t…

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Memorable Women

March is "Women’s History Month" when the United States Library of Congress and six other national entities pay tribute to women who have made their mark on society. In 1981Congress designated a week in March as “Women’s History Week." It took the National Women’s History Project to convince Congr…

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Artistic Transformation

Steve Jobs wasn't the first to successfully consider human emotions when marketing a new technology. From the beginning of the aeroplane, art played an important role in capturing the collective imagination.  Through colorful artistic prints, first in Art Nouveau and later Art Deco we can follow the…

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When France Ruled Aviation

It's 1909 and France is the world center of aviation. The first international air meet is beginning in Reims. Prestigious contests with cash prizes and trophies for best distance, altitude, and speed attract one hundred thousand spectators to Bethany Plain airfield the first day. Industrialists, dip…

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The Title: Yours in a Hurry

Why the title Yours in a Hurry?

The characters in the novel write a lot of letters, and Addison often signs his “Yours in a Hurry.”  His family even noticed a change from his formerly neat handwriting to a scrawl across the paper.  Like many in the Progressive Era, he was always in a hurry to emb…

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Lady Overland

Here's a quiz: Who was the first American woman to fly solo? Addison Hartle was so taken with the spirited Blanche Stuart Scott when he met her at an air exhibition that he enticed his sister, Anna to Indianapolis to meet her. 

Blanche was born in Rochester, New York, probably in 1885. Her state…

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