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The Title: Yours in a Hurry

Why the title Yours in a Hurry?

The characters in the novel write a lot of letters, and Addison often signs his “Yours in a Hurry.”  His family even noticed a change from his formerly neat handwriting to a scrawl across the paper.  Like many in the Progressive Era, he was always in a hurry to emb…

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Writing Fiction vs. Nonfiction

I've gotten questions about writing historical fiction vs. non-fiction. What's the difference, and are there any rules? I turned to Deanna Adams for answers. Writers need trusted advisors and for many in Northeast Ohio, Deanna, published author, mentor and coordinator of writer's workshops is that p…

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What They Were Reading in 1910

April 23 is World Book Night.  It wasn't being celebrated in 1910 when much of Yours in a Hurry takes place, but it made me think about what the characters were reading. Knowing their interests, I can guess.

Jack London

The realism in London's writing has caught on with today's readers. N…

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Hollywood's Tenacious Founder

Have you ever walked down Hollywood Boulevard, tourist bustle and cacophony surrounding you? Did you wonder what the street looked like one hundred years ago? You probably didn't know that the cofounder and heart of Hollywood was a woman, who is responsible for the first sidewalk in the city in fron…

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Ahead of Her Time

In 1909 it's unusual for a smart, single woman from an established family to decide on her own to leave her small village and cross the country to start a new life. Anna Hartle has nurtured her siblings since their parent's unexpected death. But her fortitude is tested after leaving Ohio for Califor…

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Introducing Yours in a Hurry

 I love history—always have. As a daydreamer like my mother, books and films entice me.  My work involves people, how we work, learn and behave with each other—or not.  Behavioral science is fertile ground for a writer.

I inherited great aunt Letta's "box", a life's work that substituted f…

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